Title: Tainted Blood, (Blood Hunter, Book I)
Genre: Urban fantasy, romantic fantasy
ISBN: 9781988212227
Release date: March 20, 2018

Sometimes destiny punches you in the face...
Or takes a big gulp from your jugular.

Bookstore owner Emily only experiences fantasies and supernaturals through the books she reads until she comes face to face with a vampire who bites her and then drops dead.
Upon hearing about her toxic blood, two vampire brothers kidnap Emily and force her to agree to help them kill their original master in exchange for her life and the life of her sister. But the longer she stays in their company, the more she realizes she was living a life she was never meant to and she needs to embrace her new normal. Even if giving in to her destiny earns her hundreds of supernatural enemies who threaten to send her to an early grave. 

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Title: Flesh and Blood (Blood Hunter, Book II)
Genre: Urban fantasy, romantic fantasy
ISBN: 9781988212241
Release date: 2018

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