July 10, 2017

Pucker Up Preorder

New book coming next month: Pucker Up! You won't want to miss meeting and falling in love with sweet but strong Ozzie. 

His name was Ozzie. 

He was the college hockey star every girl wanted a piece of and who every guy wanted to be. 

But I didn’t know he existed. Not until the editor of the school paper agreed to give me a position in exchange for writing an article about him and his private life. I want the position. More than anything. It’s been part of my plan for as long as I can remember. But associating with jocks isn’t something I’m comfortable with given how unpopular and awkward I was in high school. I can’t let that stand in my way, though. I’m too stubborn for that.

I devise a plan to cross paths with him and it works better than I thought it would. I don’t tell him what I’m up to, and by the time I start to realize what all the fuss is about, it’s too late. My lie threatens to expose his darkest secrets and also break my heart.


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July 07, 2017

By Choice: Re-released

Hey readers! 

I'm excited because I just got my rights back to one of the first novels I ever wrote: By Choice! This book is the second book in the Forever Fae series, originally published in 2014. It has a lovely new cover to match the first book. 

The Forever Fae series will always be special to me because I wrote them without any thought about them getting published, and I didn't care if I broke any written or unwritten writing rules. I let my imagination rule me, and I loved the characters that developed in my mind. 

If you haven't read this series, please give it a try. Now I have both books back I may consider writing a third. There is so much more to their story and to the other's characters. I could probably write another ten books and never run out of material! 

Bye for now and have a great weekend!

All her life, farm girl Isame assumed she was like every other girl...until she was kidnapped by a king who believed she was magical.

Her captors swore to return her to their king, but her charm is undeniable, and their loyalty shifts. Now, on the run, they seek to discover the truth about who she really is. The only problem? It might cost Isame her life and the lives of everyone she holds dear. And after all is said and done...she might not like where the truth leads her.

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