August 15, 2015

Deleted Scene from Upcoming Release THE LAST SHOT

Hey everyone! I'm working hard on finishing up THE LAST SHOT. I thought I'd share with you a teaser, well, not a teaser exactly. This was meant to be the Prologue from the book but I think it works better without it. Rather than cut it and leave it to rot on my computer, I decided to share it instead. What do you think? Are you ready to fall in love with Dutch?

Annie sat on the swing in the weed-filled playground. The rusted chain squeaked as she gently rocked back and forth on her tip-toes. At fourteen, she was smaller, both in size and height, than most kids her age, perhaps because she had to fend for herself so much over the years, but not now. Apparently her grandmother would watch over her now. 
She came here to be alone with her thoughts. Living with her grandmother Grace would be an adjustment. Being neglected her whole life had given her a sense of autonomy. She could do what she wanted and when she wanted it do it. Now, her grandmother called the shots and she pulled the reins tight. As much as she liked that her grandmother cared enough to make her follow those rules, Annie sure missed her freedom. 
When she looked up from the sparse gravel and dirt below her feet she met the gaze of a boy not much older than her. He was gangly, like her, but unlike her he was tall and a little bit awkward. He trudged through the weeds, his hands dug deep in the pockets of his faded, ripped jeans. Without asking her, he stopped and took a seat on the swing beside her. They rocked side by side, not saying a word, just as they’d done every day now since she’d arrived in this town, smack dab in the middle of nowhere. They never talked, though. Not once. But today was different somehow. He looked different. From a sideways glance she could see his face was red and his eyes were bloodshot. She remembered seeing another boy’s face like this before, one of the two boys she’d lived with at the foster home her grandmother had rescued her from.