March 23, 2015

New Release: Eternal Fires by Ally Shields

Book Title: Eternal Fires
Series Name and book #: Guardian Witch 7 (series finale)
Author: Ally Shields
Release Date: March 20, 2015
Publisher: Etopia Press
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance 

It started with the murder of a stranger. Then the crows appeared…

 Ari and Andreas know the O-Seven will never leave them alone. Ari is carrying Andreas's mortal child, but the vampire elders are convinced the child will be the first vampire baby and are out to posses it. Or kill it. Either way, Ari and Andreas will do anything to keep their unborn child safe, even if it means Ari has to go into hiding and leave Andreas exposed to the O-Seven alone.

But then the O-Seven call on the Mahmo magic that can turn an elder into a winged killer, and each time Ari runs, they find her again. The only way to protect their child's future is to defeat the O-Seven, once and for all. And to do that, Ari will have to face the elders head-on in their castle stronghold deep in Germany’s Black Forest…

inCapable Chapter Two (unedited)

Okay, I'm impatient. How about you? 

Just in case you're is chapter two, unedited, for inCapable. 

EVIE: I moved to Sterling City about a week ago with everything I could carry and just enough money to pay for a month’s rent and some incidentals. I needed a change and a fresh start, someplace where no one knows about me or my past. A week later I’m still unemployed and I’ve almost given up. I thought it would be easy to get a job, any job, but it hasn’t. I applied for service jobs, in restaurants and in bars, but no one will give me the time of day. At the end of my wits, earlier today I finally asked one of the managers what was wrong with me, why no one would hire me. He told me I’m shaped like a boy. Shapeless. And shapeless girls don’t make him any money. I wanted to punch him in the throat. But instead, I turned on my heel and walked out, my fists clenched.