January 08, 2014

Braving the Self-Publishing Waters

I'm dipping my toe in the self-publishing waters. Nope, scratch that. I'm diving in head first. That's about how I feel right now about my upcoming self-published release. I'm scared and I'm sure I'll do it all wrong, but I'm trying to keep my wits about me and am gobbling up blog posts and books. There is so much learn! To those already published, hats off to you. 

So according to the 'experts' the first thing you have to do is write a good book. Check! At least, I hope so. I think it's good, but I guess I'll know for sure if people read it and review it because even though every author tells you not to read the views, let's face it, I'm going to read all of them. I can't help it. I poured my heart into a book and I really want to know if others enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I just can't stop myself. Nor can I stop myself from compulsively checking rankings. I'm a tad OCD. And I'm not just saying that, clinically I probably am. 

So next the experts say to have it beta read. Check! And to hire an editor and cover designer. Check and check! I'm so happy to have hired a magical unicorn of an editor who I happened to work with previously. She is actually one of the reasons I decided to self-publish because it means I get to work with her again. She makes editing fun with her amazing sense of humour and comments. And I trust her to help my polish my book until it shines. My cover artist is someone I haven't worked with before, but I love her covers. You can view her portfolio here. She also has a lot more pictures on her Facebook page if you want to cyber-stalk her. (Don't be shy, we all do it even if we don't admit to it.)

Now one of the things I'm going to do myself which I'm told not to do is to format my book. Here's why: Scrivener is amazing. I use it for my writing and it compiles your book for you into any format. I've tested all formats and it looks great. It's really easy, too, once you get the hang of it, although I'm sure this can be said about anything. I don't see the point of paying someone to do it when I'm able to do it myself. Will my choice blow up in my face? Probably. But that's okay. Because I'm in control with self-publishing. I can fix it if it doesn't work, and this amount of control is freeing. 

One of the greatest resources I'm using right now is: The Naked Truth about Self-Publishing. It is written by several self-published goddesses, including the amazing Liliana Hart, who I adore. I met her last year at a conference and this lady knows her stuff. Talented and smart to boot. (Must not be jealous. Must not be jealous.) So if you're thinking of diving in with me, try this book out. It will open your eyes to a whole new world. We can explore it together. 

Upcoming self-published release: Beautiful & Broken (an adult contemporary novel)

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