August 13, 2013

I've Been a Very Bad Blogger

Hello all!

I just realized how long it's been since I actually rambled on my blog. This year has been busy--to say the least. I went to the Romantic Times Convention in Kansas in the spring and had an awesome time. Then, I went to Ontario for a few months followed by six weeks at cadet camp in Cornwallis, NS. I'm finally home--for the meantime until I go back to Ontario in October--so I can return to some semblance of a routine. I haven't written as much this year as I would have liked. Foolish me thought being away would give me ample time to write, and I suppose it did, but for most of my time away I had a roomie and lived in barracks so I was always around other people who had lots of fun things to do, and they dragged me along kicking and screaming. Honest, they did. 

If you aren't following me on social media I'll let you know that I have a fantasy romance coming out later this year and a follow up novel to it coming out early 2014. I am really excited about this duo. They were actually written before Blood, She Read but I've always had a soft spot for the characters in them and was only able to find a home for their stories recently. I am also hard at work on a contemporary NA/Adult novel that I am considering self-publishing next spring. This would be my first self-published novel and it's a little scary for me to consider, so I'm taking my time researching and figuring out how to do this right because I really like the story. I hope you will too. 

My first pubbed author badge!
EL James!!!! 
Now... since I didn't talk RT on my blog yet this year, I need to do it now. I had an time at RT. I'll say it again. A.MA.ZING. I met some super awesome people, went to some super awesome parties and learned a lot from some of the best. Here are some photos. And yes! That's a picture with me with EL James!!! And although I have no photos of them, I got to meet Tamara Webber, Jaime McGuire and Sylvia Day! I even scored a t-shirt from Sylvia (thanks for that, Cathy ;-)). I had some serious fangirl moments at this conference. I'm a little embarrassed about them actually, and while I can promise myself I will be the epitome of cool at the next conference, Charlaine Harris is scheduled to be there so I know that's not going to happen. I'm sure you all feel the same about many authors so I'm curious who you'd have to see to absolutely lose your cool. Leave me a comment and let me know! 
Author Cathryn Fox
Me and Etopia editor Nancy Cassidy
Authors Theresa McClinton and Rhian Cahill

Authors Nikki Duncan and MacKenzie McKade
Aspiring author Tara MacDonald

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