January 13, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday

It's that time of the week again! Six sentence Sunday is a way for authors to share tidbits from their WIPs or published works. Right now, I'm alternating back and forth between two projects. 

1. The sequel to Blood, She Read, which I'm excited about. You'll see more of Sebastian and Tommy in this one and I love exploring their personalities and their motivations. 

2. A contemporary, mature YA. For the first time ever I've gotten choked up writing a book. This book is going to be special so I want to share a passage from it today. So, here goes...

A moment later, Dr. Carson’s wife walked out of my mother's office. A girl about my age followed closely behind her; her head was bowed and her eyes were to the floor. Mrs. Carson offered me a polite smile and gently pulled the girl over beside her, resting her hands on the girl's shoulders, before leading her down the hall. I stared after them, curious about the girl, and before they disappeared from sight, her gaze met mine. Her hollow cheeks and dead, black eyes imprinted on my brain, haunting me. 
And she’s haunted me ever since. 

There you go! Hopefully, you've enjoyed the sneek peek. I plan on sharing another passage from this story next Sunday so make sure to drop by.


  1. Great job setting up a compelling mystery with this snippet.

  2. Great six! Left me wondering what was wrong with the girl.

  3. Now, she's going to haunt me! Great description!