January 22, 2013

A Chat with Christina Dotson: author of Killing Caroline

I'm so excited to have Christina Dotson on my blog today! Christina's debut novel released January 18, 2013. Please help me show her some love! Ever since I saw her trailer I've been intrigued by her book and I can't wait to read it. Please see the trailer below and you'll see what I mean. Perfect image. Perfect song. Perfect mood. 

Today, Christina will be answering some questions, but if you have some of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments. But first...the trailer. 

Welcome Christina! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how and when you decided to start writing your first novel.

I knew I wanted to be a writer at the age of ten when I read Judy Blume’s Freckle Juice. It was the first book I checked out on my own from the library. I loved how excited I felt about turning the pages. I wanted to learn how to create that same feeling for other readers with my own stories. I’ve actually written a total of six novels, one of which is self-published.

What is your novel about and what inspired you to write it?

Killing Caroline is really a story of obsession; obsession of money, popularity, beauty, love and even acceptance. We always want what we can’t have, or at least, what seems to be out of our reach. I suppose the inspiration to write this story came from, well, everywhere. For example, we worship celebrities and fame as if it were a religion. Suddenly, all you have to do is make an interesting (or stupid) video of yourself, post it on YouTube, and suddenly you’re catapulted to fame. And don’t get me started on our obsession with beauty. Our faces no longer look human anymore. Killing Caroline acknowledges these obsessions in the form of a misunderstood sixteen-year-old girl.

Describe a typical day in your life.
I’m a medical social worker for a home health company so every day is different. However, every day always includes a little writing and of course, snuggle time with my puppy.

Plotter or pantser? What is your writing process?

I’ve never outlined or plotted a story. I may have an idea in the beginning about what the story will be about, but ultimately, I leave it up to my characters to tell their own story.

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know.

I hate the sound of my speaking voice. I’m 33 and I sound like I’m 15.

Okay, now I need to hear it to form my own opinion. It can't be that bad. 

Who is your favorite character in your novel and why?

Definitely Davis Monroe. He’s my favorite character because he was the most fun to write. I loved exploring his dark and twisted mind. If he were a real person, I would be very afraid of him.

Describe you main character’s idea of a perfect date.

Honestly, Althea would be happy simply sitting at Dairy Queen and watching Jacob flip burgers.

If you could be a character in any book, who would you be and why?

I’ve been reading the True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse novels and I wouldn’t mind being Sookie. Having all those sexy vampires drooling over me would be kind of fun. That is, until they bite me.

What is your favorite line in your book?

“People like us don’t get to live happily ever after.”

What are you working on now?

I’m revising a novel that I previously wrote about a girl who falls for her sister’s best girlfriend. It’s more of a thriller than a romance. Should be interesting…

Hmm. It sounds it! Thanks so much for stopping by, Christina. I wish you the best success! Make sure to stop by Christina's website to show her some love or leave a comment. 


Althea James is the girl everyone loves to ignore. Even her parents act like she doesn't exist, especially after her perfect sister, Caroline, arrives home from college for summer break. But the sibling rivalry Althea shares with Caroline, goes much deeper than competing for their parents’ affection. Caroline represents everything Althea isn't and never will be, until one tragic night that threatens to change her life forever. Suddenly, Althea is forced into the blinding spotlight of fame, but for all the wrong reasons. Her sister is dead, her boyfriend is in jail and she's been reported missing by her parents. Now, caught in the middle of a never ending media storm, Althea is the girl no one can stop talking about. But is her newfound fame worth keeping the secret she so desperately wants to keep?

About the Author

Christina Dotson grew up in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where she attended Western Kentucky University. She considers her career as a social worker to be the inspiration behind her stories of dysfunctional relationships. Christina currently lives in Tennessee with her extremely hyper Labrador Retriever, Ivy. Please visit website here or her Facebook page here

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