September 01, 2012

The LOOK Challenge

So my author friend Shawna Romkey asked me to join the LOOK Challenge, and of course I had to say yes. Who am I to back down from a challenge? The LOOK challenge goes something like this: search for the first time LOOK is used in your manuscript and post this paragraph and the few paragraphs surrounding it. You'll find my LOOK excerpt below, but please keep in mind that I have not yet completed edits for this book so it may be subject to change. 
Excerpt from Blood, She Read
Coming November, 2, 2012 from Etopia Press
They were coming for my mother. They had to be. Nothing else made sense. I lived in the only house on a dead-end street, and Mom broke more rules than she followed. Although I knew at some point the police would bang on my door, I hadn't expected it to be so soon. We’d only lived in Paradise, Nova Scotia for a few weeks.
“What’s she done now?” I bolted for my door. “Gina!”
 I jerked to a stop when I reached the top stair. Mom already stood in the foyer below. She’d probably heard the panic in my voice, but she didn’t look concerned. Oh, no. She scowled up at me instead. All morning she’d been experimenting in the secret room off the kitchen, and she was probably pissed at me for interrupting her.
“This better be good, Petra. I just set fire to Toby’s tail.” As if to prove her point, she pointed to the fat orange and white cat at her feet. Curls of smoke escaped from Toby's blackened and hairless ass.
“Forget about Toby!”
Toby hissed; his cheeks retracted to reveal sharp white teeth. A twinge of guilt made my stomach twist and ache. I pushed it aside. There were much more important things we needed to worry about. Besides, mom could easily fix his tail later, though his pride would be harder to heal.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think. And now I have to pass on the challenge. Who would I like to see excerpts from? 

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