November 17, 2011

607 Pages, Oh my!

Before entering the Golden Heart, I never really thought about how much paper my submission required. My total pages: 607 (6 copies of my partial and synopsis and one copy of my full). That is a freaking lot! At least a half a tree, I'm sure!

To the right, is the finished product, ready for mailing. I intended to ship it out yesterday but I had problems with my printer so it is going out tomorrow. I am afraid of how much it will cost to ship it to Texas, especially since I'm a worry wart and will Fedex it because I think snail mail is evil and it might never get there (that was a mouthful, I apologize). Sorry Canada Post, but you've disappointed me before. 


  1. So, how much did it end up costing? I always use Canada Post with a tracking number and have never had a problem.

  2. It was only $30 for shipping and it's supposed to be there in five days. However, this price does not include the entire toner cartridge I used, the paper I wasted and the paper I used and the shipping box and tape. Also, I pity RWA when they try to open that box. I may have used an entire roll of tape. I had to protect my baby :)