September 12, 2011

To bed or to write?

It's eleven-thirty. The kids are in bed. I just had a shower. The house is semi-clean--or, at least, as good as it's going to get. And, my uniform is ironed and my school work is done.

Whew! Now, some time for me? Did I mention it's eleven-thirty? I have two choices right now and both are so appealing I can't decide which one I want more. I can stay up and write and be shit on wheels tomorrow in my mental health clinical (but at least I'll look good because I showered and my uniform is ironed ;)) or I can drag my ass to bed. I want so badly to say writing, but I think sleeping is winning out. 

When will this year end? 4th year nursing is crazy. I had a mid-term today and it's not even the middle of September!

I will write damn it! Because I must! Then again, I just yawned. It's a sign, I swear. I'm going to bed.

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