August 17, 2011

A Kick in the Ass

I'm finally home after spending almost two months of my summer in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia at a cadet camp. All and all it was a good experience. The nurses I worked with were wonderful and so incredibly helpful. I learned a lot.

When I left for cadet camp I had one goal: finish manuscript number two. But, I quickly realized I am way more productive with less time than more. In fact, the word count of my novel went backwards rather than forwards because of the little voice in my head that kept telling me 'Delete, Delete, Delete,' and 'It's crap, it's crap, it's crap.' 

How did I overcome this? Well, it wasn't until I met up with some ladies from my RWAC group last week. Donna Alward and Michelle Helliwell held a "Finding Your Muse" workshop last Sunday in Wolfville and it was at this workshop I had a great conversation with Lilly Cain (fellow RWAC member and multi-published romance author). Lilly gave me some pretty tough love. Basically, she said "Stop procrastinating and over-plotting." And, as soon as the words came out of her mouth I knew she was right. The first and only manuscript I completed was one I completed without plotting. Totally written by the seat of my pants. So I am taking her advice because I think this is what works for me. I am moving forward. I am not looking back. I am NOT plotting the crap out of my novel. For me, I think I only need the major plot points, otherwise I get bored and distracted. 

And it's working. I moved from about 19,000 words to 25,600 words since Sunday evening!

 All I have to say is to this is: thank God I am in a writing group with supportive people who care enough to kick me in the ass when I need it. It is nice to have friends that understand my frustrations and share similar goals and ambitions. 

And as a final note: Thank you, Miss Lilly. You are awesome! 

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