July 01, 2010

Twilight: Eclipse cont'

I was wrong. It happens quite often. I did not buy an advanced ticket for Eclipse and the entire theatre was sold out in my city. I had to go across the bridge into Halifax to watch it there, and the place was packed. So, what did I think of Eclipse? It was awesome. But, I do have a small beef. I loved Twilight and I loved the mood of that movie, but because the movies have all been directed by different people, I find the movies haven't been consistent, that the atmosphere and mood is different for all of them; and I really wish it wasn't. There was something very special and awkwardly wonderful about Twilight that I didn't feel with the others, so I left the theatre feeling cheated like I did when I saw New Moon. I still liked the movie; it just isn't my favourite. Did you see the movie? What are you thoughts?

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