July 03, 2010

Completed Revisions for Five Islands

Rejection Pictures, Images and PhotosRevisions are, done, done, done. Well, as much as they're going to be, anyway. All I have to do now is revamp my query. I'm sure this will take more time than it took me to edit my entire ms. Oh, well. It has to be done.

It has been about six weeks since my top choice agent requested my full ms and I am hoping that she hasn't totally forgotten about me. I did give her a pen. I'm so teasing. Well, I did give her a pen, but I totally don't expect her to remember me because of it. She said she like the weight of it so what was I suppose to do? I wasn't brown-nosing. Honest.

Since I haven't posted my stats in a while, I thought I would give you an update. They aren't great, but I have no pride (agents have beat me down) and it might make other wannabes feel better about their journey to being published.

Queries out: 86
Rejected: 45
Requested partials: 1
Rejected partials: 1
Requested fulls: 1
Rejected fulls: 0
No response: 41

I suck ass!!! And I still continue to query...

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