June 06, 2010

Got my editing groove on

I am really getting into this editing thing. I used to hate it and avoid it all costs. I put my ms away for almost a full year because I didn't want to tackle editing, and now, I have suddenly seen the light. I can see the difference in where my ms was and what it is now and it is very encouraging. I could probably spend another month or two editing, but I have set a deadline for myself and I can only put off sending my requested full for so long. So herein lies my dilemma: make my ms as polished as I can and risk the agent forgetting me, or wait until I am completely satisfied with my work. But, does that ever really happen? I don't think so. I could probably tinker forever. I am taking another week of vacation just to spend some serious hours editing. Hopefully, this will take my ms to the next level and will help to get my work noticed. Then again, maybe not.

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