June 29, 2010

Twilght: Eclipse

Tonight is the midnight release of Twilight: Eclipse. Yes, I'm going. No, I'm am not at present in line for a good seat. There was a lineup in the theatre today at 3pm and I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Let me tell you about what is going on in my small city right now: the Queen is in town, the harbour is full of activity and foreign ships to celebrate the Canadian Navy's 100th birthday, the International Tattoo is happening this week and it's Canada's birthday to boot. So, I ask you, will the theatre be sold out tonight? No. I think not. Especially when it is being shown in three theatres, each with more than one showing. In Dartmouth, there are three.

My husband says I am not a true 'Twihard' if I don't go early and wait in line with the masses. Bullshit. He thinks I should 'Twi' harder. Ha. Ha. I love Twilight and it has been a big inspiration for my rejuvenated love of reading and writing, but I do not think that waiting in line hours before the door opens is necessary. It's a little crazy if you ask me, but to each his own. I am fairly certain when I show up at 11:30 that I will be able to get a decent seat that is not in the nose bleed section. 

I'll let you know how it turns out, and give you my thoughts on the movie tomorrow. 

To be con't...

June 18, 2010

Critique Partners

erase Pictures, Images and PhotosI'm not dead, just distracted. I would love to be able to blog more, but unfortunately, I have had very little time lately. I am trying very hard to get my novel ready for submission by the end of next week. I can't believe how much you can dwell on single sentences, trying to get the wording just so, and all the while thinking to yourself, I have friggin 44,000 words to go.

I am having great success with one of my three critique partners. I was hopeful that the others would work out, but not entirely surprised when they didn't. One of them just dropped off the radar; I have no idea what is going on with her. I sent her my first pages and she was supposed to send hers, but I've heard nothing from her. I have no idea why someone would agree to something they weren't all that interested in. I guess finding a critique partner that works isn't all that easy. The remaining one is fantastic and I can't believe I lucked out in meeting her; did I mention that she is already published? I don't think she misses a beat, and she has alerted me to my obsessive use of the word 'that.' On top of her awesomeness, I get to read her work too!

June 13, 2010

True Blood Season III

Season III of True Blood starts tonight and I am beyond excited. I am a huge fan of both the series and the books. Also, Bill is missing, which I hope means more 'Eric' face time on the tube (I can only hope). Although, we are probably a few seasons away from a relationship between Eric and Sookie. Sigh.

June 06, 2010

Got my editing groove on

I am really getting into this editing thing. I used to hate it and avoid it all costs. I put my ms away for almost a full year because I didn't want to tackle editing, and now, I have suddenly seen the light. I can see the difference in where my ms was and what it is now and it is very encouraging. I could probably spend another month or two editing, but I have set a deadline for myself and I can only put off sending my requested full for so long. So herein lies my dilemma: make my ms as polished as I can and risk the agent forgetting me, or wait until I am completely satisfied with my work. But, does that ever really happen? I don't think so. I could probably tinker forever. I am taking another week of vacation just to spend some serious hours editing. Hopefully, this will take my ms to the next level and will help to get my work noticed. Then again, maybe not.

June 05, 2010


Needles Pictures, Images and PhotosOn the writing front, I have been completely unproductive this week. I have edited a chapter, maybe two. I have to do a physical fitness test this month so most of my time has been spent at work, running, or with my family.

Work has been fantastic. They girls and gals I work with are amazing and surprisingly giving with their veins. I got to do my first venipuncture this week! Also, I started an IV! I can't tell you how awesome it was to get a vein the very first time. The IV start was a little more tricky and I ended up getting blood all over the place which kind of freaked me out a bit. I thought I had missed the vein and withdrew the needle only to find I did, in fact, get the vein and when I pulled it out all the way, blood squirted out and I panicked. The guys encouraged me to try again, and I got the next one with a little less blood. It was a great experience but I think I will be waiting for a while before I do it again.

On the agenda for today: pick up a copy of Stephenie Meyer's new book and a copy of Jackson Pearce's Sisters Red.