May 07, 2010


So back to Charlaine Harris's Dead in the Family...

Although it wasn't one of my favourite books in the series, I still really enjoyed it. My main beef with this book was that I was hoping that the focus would be on Sookie and Eric's relationship, and although this was one of the major subplots in the book, it really wasn't enough of a a focus to satisfy me. You can only leave your readers hanging so long before they start to get a little annoyed. Will I buy the next book? Abso-freakin-lutely. So maybe, she kept me hanging just enough.

On life and writing...

One week until the Pennwriters Conference in Lancaster, PA! I have a pitch session scheduled with Jenny Bent from The Bent Agency, the only problem with this is that she has since rejected my manuscript with a form rejection so I have no idea what to do with my ten minutes. I have another manuscript almost finished that I could pitch, but it is no where near polished enough to query. Or, I could pitch the same manuscript in person and see if she bites. Perhaps it's my query letter that sucks and pitching in person might help me get past this. Who knows? I just really don't want to waste her time. Anyway, lots of time to think about strategy. My main goal for the conference is to network and perhaps find a writing group to belong to, and above all else, learn something so that I can improve upon my writing.

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