May 26, 2010

Hump Day

There are only two things that happened today that are really noteworthy. Okay, maybe three.

First, I removed stitches from a patient today. It is really not as exciting as it sounds, but it was my first time on a real human so I was pretty jazzed about it. The only problem I had was that the sterilized scissors and tongs were built for a right-handed person so they were difficult for me to use. It may sound foolish, but really it makes things difficult. The scissors have a pointed side and a hook-like side, so it really matters what side if facing up and what side if facing down.

Second, I joined weight watchers. I get 25 points a day. Seriously weight watchers, no wonder people lose weight. I might as well be anorexic. 25 isn't enough for a bird. I used 42 today and I am still hungry and thought I had a good day. Oh well. Today has been a steep learning curve. My husband, who is about 60 pounds heavier than me, used 15. Goodie for him. He gets about 35 points a day, so it's too bad he couldn't give me some of his.

Third, I got my first critique back from one of my critique partners and she seemed to like it. She had lots of great suggestions and I am feeling pretty fortunate to have met her at Pennwriters. We had another girl in our group but she had to bow out so she could concentrate on finishing her book. She wanted to get to the end before she began critiquing the beginning. Totally understandable. I have another critique partner but I am waiting on her first submission. This partner also writes YA and we have similar tastes in books so I am looking forward to reading her material.

Other than these things, not much else to say. I am helping with immunization parade tomorrow as well as wart parade. Oh, in case you don't know, our military likes to tag 'parade' on to a lot of things. It basically means, 'anyone welcome to come without an appointment at specified times.' So, basically, not as fun as it sounds.

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