May 14, 2010

Day 1 at Pennwriters

I'm in Amish country!

Day one of the Pennwriters Conference is mostly over; I have a group dinner with James Rollins this evening which I'm looking forward to, followed by a Sci Fi/Fantasy read and critique which I am moderating. Go me! Hopefully, I don't make too big of an idiot of myself like I did this afternoon--whole other story.

So we're in this workshop and an editor is talking about the Sci Fi/Fantasy market right now. We start talking about the 'next big thing' and venture into zombie territory. Someone mentions Pride & Prejudice and Zombies--which for the record I hated because P & P is a classic and one of my favourite books and don't think people should be messing with it. Foot-in-mouth-me says that I thought it was horrible. Low and Behold this particular editor's publishing house is publishing the graphic novel. Oh, and did I mention I am moderating this editor's critique session this evening? I need to learn to stop talking.

By far the best session I had today was 'Pitch Perfect' with CJ Lyons. It was in this session that I started really thinking about my query letter and ways to create more interest in the agents that read it. CJ was also kind enough to meet with a few of us afterwards and listen to our pitches and offer suggestions. So, here you have it, is 25 words or less, my pitch:

A kidnapped girl falls for one of her captors, who also happens to be a giant.

At some point, I am going to post the first chapter of my book and invite all of you to read and comment. I like brutal honesty, so don't be shy. The more brutal, the better.

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