May 18, 2010

Back in Nova Scotia

Home again. My house is a mess, I have about 22 chapters to review and revise and someone stole my flip flops from the front compartment of my luggage. Who steals used Flip Flops? They were Columbia Flip Flops and expensive, but still. Gross.

My goal is to have my book ready to send to the agent that requested my full by June 15th. I was told by a couple of authors at the conference that waiting a month to revise would be an acceptable timeframe to wait before submitting.

Now, before I attack my jungle house, I just wanted to give you the names of a few authors you should check out, partly because they're good and partly because they are awesome, helpful and encouraging: Cyn Balog, CJ Lyons, and Maria Snyder. Also, the most approachable agents that I met this weekend that I should be so lucky to have represent me: Janet Reid and Jenny Bent. They are now my top two agents.

And now, for the amazon...If I don't blog again it's because I was eaten by a wild animal or poisoned by leftovers sitting on the counter.

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