April 26, 2010

My Craptastic Day With a Touch of Frosting

What a crap day. Where to start... First off, I had a guy from a window and door company in today to look at my side door. It's been leaking for a while, but we haven't had the money to fix until now. The guy picked at the floor, tore some of it up and, low and behold, one of the joists (not sure of spelling) is rotten. Okay then. So a job I had anticipated costing me about $1200 is creeping up into the thousands. The guy told me it is beyond what he can do and to call a contractor. Even better. Also, because of the damage, we will also have to replace the flooring in the kitchen. Awesome.

Also, I just received another form rejection in the mail. I am just waiting for a giant seagull to fly into my house and shit on my head. That would be the perfect end to this craptastic day.

On the bright side, I spoke to an editor/publisher today who decided to take pity on me and give me her thoughts on my first chapter of FI. She said she liked the idea and it was absolutely marketable, however, I need to do some editing, particularly showing versus telling, and adverb use. So, at the very least, I had a somewhat pleasant end to my wonderful day. I'll let you know if I get bombed by seagulls when I go out later to buy a book on showing versus telling.

April 18, 2010

My Husband Was Victimized

My husband was kidnapped and left in the middle of nowhere with no money or clothes. His confidence is shattered, and he can't believe someone could take so much from him; he has lost his faith in humanity.

Let me explain...

My husband has been playing World of Warcraft for over seven years. Yes, you heard me correctly. SEVEN years. What is WOW you might ask yourself? It is a role-playing computer game that makes spouses want to disconnect the internet. So in almost a decade he has built his character up with spells, gold, yada, yada (I have no clue, don't care so much). I am told people can sell their characters for cash. Perhaps, I care a little more.

Last week our PC crashed, and my husband discontinued his membership until we get the PC fixed. During this time, someone hacked into my hubby's account, stole all his gold, spells, whatever, and his clothes. Seriously people, his clothes? Couldn't he be spared the indiginity? What some people won't do.

Poor hubby, if you're reading this, I am sorry for your loss and will pay for counselling. No need to huddle in a corner and pray for an early end. Of course, I'm teasing. But, as much as I feel for him I can't help but see the humour in it. A naked WOW man.

April 06, 2010

Pennwriters Conference in PA!!!!

I just confirmed my flight, my room, and my attendance for the Pennwriters Conference in Lancaster, PA!!! I am so unbelievably excited right now. I may even have to pause to go pee.

... Okay, I'm back.

So, James Rollins is a keynoter speaker and several well known agents and editors are going to be in attendance at this conference. In particular, agents Miriam Kriss, Jenny Bent, and Jennifer Jackson. The last two recently rejected my query so it would be nice to have a chat and maybe try to discover what exactly I am doing wrong since agents offer no criticism in their rejections--at least not that I've seen so far. Plus, all three were amongst my top choices for agents, the other two being Jessica Faust and Becca Stumpf.

So, I am off to continue my happy dance...

Here is the site in case you want to check it out. Rooms are pretty scarce so book sooner rather than later if you plan on attending.


April 02, 2010

Query Update

Happy Easter! Hope everyone has started their long weekend off right.

There is very little to update in the land of rejection, rejection, rejection! You don't even want to know how many queries I have fired off in the last few weeks. So far, I have 16 rejections and one request for a partial, which I sent over a week ago and have yet to receive a response on.

When authors say that query is tough, they aren't lying. Constant rejection is rather crippling. I think if I were a boy, I'd prefer a kick in the nuts. However, it is a necessary evil. I like my book and I really think if someone would just take the time to read it they would like it too. Alas, I can't seem to get past the query letter (except in the one instance). Perhaps, it needs some fine tuning. I think I will spend some time on that this weekend.

Until the next update...