March 05, 2010

Writing my synopsis

I cannot find the words to express how much writing a synopsis sucks. Why is it that I can write a book with relative ease and writing a one-page summary of it makes me want to pop pills? What is important? What isn't important? I just can't seem to sum it up and I have no idea why it is so difficult.

Yesterday, I printed off my book and gave it to my first reader--my husband (He hates the books I read and my genre of writing so I can't wait to get his thoughts on my baby) Printed, the book was is literally fatter than my Medical-Surgery text, which probably cost the amazon an entire tree. He was going to hole punch it and put in a binder, but I squashed it. I don't want my book in a binder--binding maybe, but binder, no. This ain't no school project!

I am also giving a copy to my mother. This should be all kinds of awesome. My British mother is the epitome of 'punch-me-in-the-nuts-honesty.' Should be fun, fun, fun. I'll let you know.

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