March 25, 2010

What I'm Thankful For This Week

Update: 42 queries out. I am seriously not sending anymore until I get more responses: 11 rejections, one request for a partial, and the rest have yet to respond. Meanwhile, I am compulsively checking my email like a hundred times a day. My heart rate has been teetering in the 110s and 120s so I am going to move onto something more positive.

Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. Here are two:

1. There are some really great people out there who actually want to help others and see them succeed.
Exhibit a. I actively participate on Charlaine Harris's blog and one of the other participants offered to send me American stamps after my meltdown the other day. Just because she's awesome!
Exhibit b. Carol Mason, author of The Love Market, has been kind enough to offer me some tips about querying and agents via email. She seems positively lovely and if you haven't read her books you really should.

2. After speaking on the phone with a small publishing company today about my frustrations with querying, the owner offered to critique my first chapter. So not expecting that. Much more valuable than the form rejections I have been getting. :P This is me sticking my tongue out to form rejection letters.

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