March 19, 2010

No nibbles. Not a one. Sigh.

I am still going through my manuscript, trying to perfect it in the off chance that someone might recognize my awesomeness. (Ha ha!) And I am still going insane checking my email and driving my husbands absolutely 'round the bend. Someone with a British accent called me last night while I was out with my girls and we had a twenty minute conversation about what the woman said in case she was an agent who couldn't help but call rather than email. (I know, high hopes) I had queried an agent yesterday that was British, so that is why I was being so clearly neurotic. But it was unknown name and the only Brit that calls me is my mother. Plus, she asked for me by my whole name and it was the evening when she called. Ah!! I am driving myself mad!!! I feel like I need to disconnect my email for a week to get over this blossoming addiction. So, I feel the need to surgically remove the laptop from my lap. Until next time...

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