March 21, 2010

Nine rejections to date. Go me! Also, lost a filling last night after battling the toffee center of a Skor bar. Those things should come with a warning label. Oddly enough, I had a filling on the other side of my mouth done a week ago that is still bothering me so now I can't chew on either side of my mouth. What a wonderful kick-start to summer weight loss.

I have an idea for a book that I thought I'd share with you. It's really out there so be forewarned. My husband and I got into a chat the other day about wine and communion. As a student nurse, I had to point out to him that it is incredibly unsanitary to drink the wine (how many people sip from the same cup) and that you're just asking for disease (virus, bacteria, whatnot). He laughs at me. Then, I go off on a tangent talking about how that gave me a great idea for a book.

So, basically the idea is that someone pissed off with the church (death of a son/daughter, miserable life, whatever, reason matters not in the idea stage) and the guy basically plots against Christians by spiking the wine with some disease that will cause all church goers to become deathly ill. (They will die and leave the world with all the non-religious folk, some of which will be pure evil). For the record, I am not religious so I don't believe all non-religious people are all evil. And his life will become much worse than it was. Moral of the story, be grateful for your lot, because things can and, sometimes, do get worse.
This is how my mind works. I am constantly turning conversations, objects, dreams, etc into stories. And sometimes they are seriously messed up.

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