March 13, 2010

Fourteen queries and two rejections later... I screamed with joy at my first rejection. Is this normal? I wasn't really expecting praise and 'please, oh, please, let me be your agent.' I think that I am just so proud of myself for trying. It is really hard to put yourself out there. My work makes me feel insanely vulnerable and I am driving my husband nuts with questions about my book. I thinks he's avoiding me.

So what did the rejections say? Short and sweet. 'Thanks but no thanks.' 'Not a right fit.' I like this one. I used to work in HR and 'not a right fit' is a very polite way of saying not interested. Still, I am smiling and I am happy and I am looking forward to whatever else comes back.

Yesterday, I found an agent that I really wanted. I was so excited. I reviewed my manuscript one last time and made a few changes. I really wanted her to like it. BIG MISTAKE. I read it over later that evening and found I missed a couple of typos that I didn't catch before sending it out. For me, I seem to glaze over typos unless I print it out. Lesson learned. And now, she will probably think me 'undisciplined.' Heard that one before from a writing competition.

Other than that, no big news. School is dying down. I passed most of my courses already. Two big projects to do and two exams and that is all she wrote for 2nd year Nursing, except for clinical. Exciting. Exciting.

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