March 01, 2010

"Are you gonna eat that?"

I heard the funniest thing today. My friend was in a car accident near the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border. (I'm not a dick--the funny part is coming) So my friend, her husband and two children sat in the car for close to an hour waiting for the tow truck. Before the tow came, another truck stopped and a man got out. My friend thought, "Oh, isn't that nice. He's come to help us." Not so. You see my friend's car collided with a deer. Instead of asking my friend and her family useful things like, "Do you need a ride? Can I call you a tow" or offering her help of any kind, he said, "Do you mind if I take that?", referring to the deer. The neanderthall strapped the deer to his car and took off. WTF? I suppose, waste not, want not, but seriously? "Do you mind if I take your roadkill?" Only in the sticks.

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