February 18, 2010

Spring Break

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, and in actuality it's only been a few weeks. I have finally finished my clinical for the term. I really enjoyed it, but two days a week plus full-time classes and labs were just too much for a mom of two. I still can't believe how badly second year sucks in terms of workload, but I suppose it will be all worth it in the end.

This summer I was have six weeks of full-time clinical at one of the local hospitals followed by several weeks at, most likely, a military hospital. I like working at the military hospital but what sucks is that I have to wear dress pants, a shirt and polished shoes for most of it. I LOVE scrubs. I would wear them every day if I could.

There is not much to report on the writing front. I am still struggling with a novel I started last year. I stopped at 50,000  words and moved on to something new. It's funny because I keep using the same characters in similar, but different story lines. So, that being said, my characters are pretty well developed but I can't seem to decide what story is theirs. If only I had some time to hash it out. Oh, wait. I just started spring break. (doing a little dance) I have work to do, for sure, but I intend to do some serious writing this week as well. I am hoping (fingers crossed) that I will have a novel that I could query by the beginning of the summer. I am confident I will be there in the near future, I just got to stick to a story. I think once I have that, the rest will just fall into place.

So, off to start my break with Angels of Destruction by Keith Donahue. I'm told it's really good. I'll let you know.

Oh, one last thing needs to be said because my husband reads my posts. This is how we communicate because we don't do face to face communication well--I'm teasing, sort of. Bobble head hula girls are not cool. The have never been cool--not even in the eighties--and they will never be cool. What's even less cool, is that one of these wonderful gems have found their way into my husbands car and she shamelessly wiggles her ass off when I borrow my husband's car.

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