January 26, 2010

Procrastinating-- Maybe I should write a book on that

So, I have a test in two hours and I am sitting here blogging. Priorities screwed up? Absolutely. Well. I guess it depends on how you look at it. I will probably pass and that's what counts right? Where did my drive for school go! Oh, I know, it's getting in the way of me writing so therefore we are not the best of friends right now.

My book has stalled. I am over half-way done and I think I have made a wrong turn. I think I really should have outlined. It's apparently not for everyone but I think it might be for me. Rewriting is not one of favorite things whatsoever. And the time? What time? I mean I suppose I could have not watched One Tree Hill last night of Ghost town over the weekend. There is three hours right there, but if you have watched either of these titles then you know why they were must see television. If I had urinary incontinence I would have made a puddle on my couch while watching Ghost Town. I mean, Ricky Gervais is so freaking funny. And One Tree Hill? Don't judge me, it's a cleverly written show and I find it hillarious.

So know I have written a few lines and feel a little better I will go collect my children and get them ready for daycare and drag my ass into the city to take a practical test on assessing the integumentary system (skin for the layman).

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