January 15, 2010

Clinical Day 1

Ah, the first day of clinical, when you are more hinderance than help. In teams of two, we followed a team of a nurse, LPN and CCA, who were at first rather apprehensive about our presence. Although we are student nurses they pawned us off on the CCA who is probably the busiest person in the morning and who performs tasks that we must know how to do, but in reality, don't really do all that much in practice.

The nurse and the LPN seemed to disappear, but I am a persistent person and if I need or want something I am like a dog with a bone. I sought, I followed and I pushed. Can I help you with this? Can I help you with that? Ooh, ooh, ooh, can I give that enema? Yes, this was the common trend for the day. 'Don't fight over the enema ladies,' said the LPN (not our LPN, we travelled the hall and found a more receptive host).

Today I gave my first injection in a real person and it was everything that I thought it would be. Is it wrong that I got a high from sticking a needle in a patient? I thought that I got to watch a lot of different skills being performed today, but when I think back, I can't for the life of me remember what I did.

It was a good day overall. And by the end, I think I might have grown on the team that was originally cool. They were much more pleasant by lunch, although our LPN still yelled at my partner ( I can't recall why, I'm just grateful it wasn't me).

I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks and having my very own patient to stick, give meds to, bed bath, to perform a complete physical assessment on, etc... You never know the condition of the person and I'm sure there will be a huge learning curve each week. Also, we have palliative care patients on my floor. I am not good with old people and especially bad with the dying. Have I mentioned that I have never seen a dead body or spent anytime with the older population besides my clinical in a nursing home last year which petrified me? Well, I do. So of course, I specifically asked for a palliative care patient. I face things head on. That's how I roll.

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