January 19, 2010

Back on the horse we go

I have been avoiding discussing my weight. The fact that my scale broke (not from me, thank you very much) and I lost my tape measure is a very convenient reason for my not doing weekly weigh-ins. But the truth is I am deathly afraid of what the traitorous scale will tell me when I actually buy one and crush the life out of it with the extra weight I have put on from the snacks I have been enjoying over the last six weeks.

So I have fallen off my horse as one trying to lose weight often does--if you never have, you have never really been fat so you can keep your comments to yourself. One of the biggest motivators for me right now is the fact that I am training to be a nurse. How the hell am I supposed to preach to patients about health and nutrition when I am overweight? I don't want to look like a hypocrite and I want to practice what I preach; I want to be taken seriously.

So I am officially back on the 'lifestyle change.' I took a detour for a while and I feel better having come clean about it. Tomorrow is a new day and I intend to be at least better than I was today and hopefully these little daily improvements will make the challenge a little less daunting, because I would rather climb a gently sloping Skinny Hill than a Mt. Fuck-That-Pass-The-Doughnut.

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