December 06, 2009

Pimp my novel

Last week I was cruising one of my favourite author's website and read that she thought Scrivener was amazing. With my curiosity peaked, I googled it. Scrivener is indeed amazing. I got goosebumps going through its tutorial, and the words "pimp my novel" came to mind.

The only problem with the program is that it can only be used on Mac computers, and I am not a fan of Mac. I hummed and I hawed for about two or three days and then convinced my husband that he needed to get me a Mac for Christmas and that he wouldn't regret the costly purchase when I am a published author (I can dream, can't I). So yesterday he went out and got it for me.

AND I LOVE SCRIVENER. You should really check it out. The other programs that they say are comparable to Scrivener--that can be used with windows--are adequate but it's like comparing a Lada to a VW. There is no comparison. If you don't know what a Lada is, then this is probably confirmation of how extra-ordinary they really are not. My parents bought an ungodly puke green one when I was in high school and I was teased--mercilessly.

I probably should have waited for Xmas though. I have three exams this week and a whole lot of discovering to do with this little-piece-of-heaven-software.

So, until next time.

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