December 17, 2009

The Men's Room

So I went to see New Moon today--again. I won't admit to how many times I have seen it. I have a bit of an obsessive personality. I find the Twilight series magical. After sucking back a medium drink, I went to the bathroom and didn't realize I was in the men's until I ran into a man after coming out of the stall. Color me pink! What do you say to that? I stumbled and muttered the only thing I could manage, "Is this the men's restroom?" And then we both proceeded to the entrance to check the sign above the door. I was wrong--of course. I can't say I have done that before. Gone into the wrong restroom, sure. Peed in the the wrong restroom, no. And I didn't even notice the urinals. I think I am seriously losing it.

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