December 08, 2009

The Definition of Clean

So I am at school yesterday and I call my husband and ask him to clean the bathroom; it really needs to be done and he was off. He says sure because he just got a parking ticket and is trying to smooth things over. I get home and I ask him if he cleaned the downstairs bathroom and he says, "Yep, I just have to scrub." Uh huh. I ask you for a moment to interpret this cryptic response.

Could it mean that he has indeed cleaned the bathroom but has not done the floors which I said HAD to be done above all else? Could it mean he hasn't scrubbed the toilet? I don't know. So last night when I go down to the bathroom I get my answer loud and clear. It means he has not scrubbed the toilet, he has not scrubbed the bathtub, he has not scrubbed the sink or the counter and he has not scrubbed the floor. He has   only picked up anything on the floor. Right. So essentially he has not cleaned the bathroom.

Is it so hard to help around the house? And give me a straight answer if I ask him if he did?

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