December 30, 2009

Christmas has come and gone, and now all that remains is New Year's which I will be spending alone. Don't cry for me; I am beyond excited. My husband is taking the kids to his parents for three days tomorrow and I intend to do ABSOLUTELY nothing while they are gone. I may not even get out of bed, just turn over a few times to prevent evil bed sores.

Regarding my perpetual attempt at weight loss, I am still without a tape measure and a scale. I swear. Although, I am sure if I stepped on one right now I would probably scream. Who loses weight over Christmas? Not this gal. If you do, congrats, you have more will power than me. But, I will get back on my horse and keep trying and eventually I will be rewarded--I hope. Plus, I will have my physical fitness test with the military in the spring and need to start running again to make sure I do well enough to pass. 

I hope everyone passed a wonderful holiday and that you will have an equally happy New Year. 

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