November 01, 2009

Supper and the diet

I stole away from the home front this evening to have supper with my girlfriends. I cannot express enough how important it is to have an outlet like them to vent my frustrations and share our experiences. Time flies by effortlessly when I am in their company.

When I returned, the house was in shambles. I was gone four hours total. And the house looked like a bomb had gone off in it. I am sure that the kids were all over the place and could not be contained, but my husband was also watching a football game so I have to wonder if perhaps the destruction could have been lessened if my husband wasn't distracted. If you're reading this hubby, sorry, had to be said.

On a different note, I have decided to lose the thirty pounds that my doctor has been on my case to lose. So, I will now swallow my pride, divulge my weekly weigh ins and how horrible/great my diet has been on a weekly basis. I am feeling especialy vulnerable doing this because, let's face it, no girl wants to share her weight unless she is a size zero and even then she probably thinks she's fat and should go stick her head in the broiler.

So, here it is.....

Starting weight: 190
Goal weight: 160, actually fuck you Dr., I am going for 155. There, is that good enough for you? Will you back off with the personal trainer and nutritionist?
Waist: 37"  (I had two kids and four pregnancies, so don't judge me)
Waist goal: 30

My plan is to eat a lot more fruit and vegetables and sodium-reduced soup, as opposed to my carb-laden diet that I have become so fond of. As for exercise, I hate treadmills and run only in the spring, summer and fall, plus school is just too heavy right now for a regular running regime. I do promise to get back into it over the Christmas holidays and perhaps, reporting my progress on my blog will entice me to get my ass out in the cold.

So there we have it. Oh, I almost forgot. Dr. says no more than a pound a week but I am an 'impatient-give-me-results-kind-of-girl' so I am going to double it. Fifteen weeks to goal weight. This will bring me to February 14th. A rocking body on Valentine's Day, I like the sound of that. I might actually want to have sex. Ok, let's not crazy here.

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  1. Two pounds a week sounds like a reasonable goal. Go for it!