November 30, 2009

My life as I know it

Unfortunately, with my husband still away I have had little time for me, and as a consequence, blogging. Hats off to single parents. Really, I have no idea how you do it. I have had several moments in the last couple of weeks where I have thrown my hands in the air and have said, "Ok, that's it. I quit." Can you quit being a mom? I guess some people are able to do it (shame on you).

 I love my kids, I really do, but sometimes I wonder if I was really meant to be a mom. Of course, this is probably exhaustion talking. I haven't had a full nights sleep in at least ten days. One usually wakes me up around one o'clock (climbing in bed with me) and the other around three (also, climbing into bed with me). You would be surprised how much room the two ankle biters can take up, and let's not forget the wretched dog, who seems to have been placed on this Earth just to torment me and make my life more difficult. If you are considering a Basset hound, think again. They are not easy dogs. And they are NOT lazy, contrary to popular belief. They are difficult to house train and would prefer to take a dump in your basement that squat over wet grass when its raining.

So, yesterday was weigh-in day. Down half a pound. Yeah me. Initially I was hoping for two pounds a week, but as you can clearly see, that is not happening, though I am grateful the number on the scale is going down not up. Progress at least.

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