November 05, 2009

Diet Update

You might ask yourself, 'how is the diet going?' And if you were standing in front of me I would shake my head and walk away. Starting a diet the day after Halloween wasn't a particularly smart idea. By Monday evening, the loot had to be thrown out and I was/am in danger of gaining this week. At best, I am hoping to break even (I also had a McDonalds attack on Monday too). Not good.

In some ways, my will power is solid, and in other areas I absolutely suck and have the willpower of a tick. Do ticks have will power? Who knows? My problem is that I LOVE food. It drives me to no end when I hear people talk about how there is some underlying issue that makes you eat, usually something emotional, but I say that although this might be the case for some it is not the case for all. I just love food. I do not eat when I am sad, angry or bored (well, sometimes when I'm bored). I eat because I enjoy it. My husband calls me a 'flavor whore.' Yes, that's me to a tee. I am not into moderation, though I wish I was.

I am fearing the scale on Sunday. And I think this a good thing, because I just might smarten my ass up before then so I can lose at least .5 a pound. See how my standards have dropped and I am only four days into my diet  lifestyle modification. Don't hate me on Sunday. I do not have the capacity to lie so the scale might not be kind, but I am trying and that is what counts. Right?

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