November 08, 2009

1st Weigh In

Let me begin by saying that this week was not as easy as I had thought it would be. For starters, my 'lifestyle change' immediately followed Halloween which is never a recipe for success. Last year I had gained six pounds in November. That being said, I am fairly happy that this year was not a repeat performance of last year’s.

I stepped on the scale this morning to discover I am exactly the same weight as I was last week. Not what I wanted, but I'll take it, considering. This just means I have to be extra diligent this week. No more sour cream glazed donuts, no more Monday night McDonalds (our kids swim on Mondays and McDicks is quick and easy) and above all, no more potato chips. I swear they call to me in the middle of the night and the man who invented these little slices of heaven should be both shot and have a holiday named after him.

So I am going to ramp it up this week. Not really--who am I kidding. I am aiming for two pounds again and I am VERY optimistic. I do not have a great big bag of candy to tempt this week and I am on a budget, so I will have to forgo Tim Hortons from now on because I am broke and the money could be used for other things—like Christmas presents. Lord lifting, Christmas is around the corner and I hate shopping. Hate it.

I never used to hate shopping, au contraire, I LOVED IT, but that was when I was thin. I swear to God the mirrors are fucked up, because I do not look that fat. Maybe my doctor is right and I have blinders on. But, you would think that they would hang mirrors in the dressing rooms in a manner that makes you look thinner, to make you want to spend money you don't have on a slenderizing pair of pants. Word.

Anyway, back to life and the beJesus 'lifestyle change.'


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