October 21, 2009

Writing Comp Results-- They didn't hate my work!!!

I have a lot to say today and am not sure whether I should start with the moderately worrisome news or the wonderfully euphoric. Let's start with the troubling....

I had my first mammogram today. Being the insane worrier that I am, I asked several people about their experiences and got mixed review which ranged from pain-free to passing out. My experience fell somewhere in the middle. If you are big breasted and have ample fat to squeeze into a pancake you probably won't have a bad experience, unless you are like me and have a fair bit of tenderness and pain in your breast(s), then it frickin hurts!! Just when you think they are done squeezing, they crank it up a notch. I almost passed out--no word of a lie. I got the sweats, felt light-headed and eventually had to lie down.

If you are small breasted then I think you might have pain too from having them yank the crap out of your breast so it is able to be squashed into oblivion.

So, is it worth it? Absolutely. Today, I was told pretty much what I had been told previously, but for one exception. One of the three cysts in my left breast is not what a normal cyst should look like. My doctor was confident it was nothing to be worried about, but because of the way it presented itself, it requires further follow up, basically meaning that I need another ultrasound in six months. I suppose I should be grateful that it wasn't definitively something else, but then again, they couldn't be certain so I just have to wait and see.

Now, on to the exciting news!!!! I finally got my critiques back from my very first writing competition. It was a miracle I found the nuts to enter. And the results weren't horrible. In fact, they were incredibly encouraging.

So, here are my scores

Published author gave me score of 40/50
He gave wonderfully constructive criticism, including 'Wow!! What a story. It sounds like a winner to me.'
(I almost cried at this one)

Book owner/representative gave me a score of 40/50
She gave me very few comments but the ones she included were complimentary and constructive.

Published articles/other gave me a score of 42/50
She said 'Pulled into story immediately, couldn't stop reading-moved naturally and quickly.' She took the time to write a whole page of comments which were so incredibly helpful and pin-pointed things I need to work on. Plus she recommended some books to help me with my shortcomings. She also said that I have loads of talent. (I am crying now).

Unpublished pro gave me a score of 41/50
Constructive, but positive as well. She said, 'your writing is great! Love Chloe!' (My main character)Surprising, most of the judges seemed to really like my character.

I am on cloud frickin 9 right now. Screw the cyst! 4 professionals don't hate my work, nor do they think that being published is a pipe dream!! Now, if only I could find the time to write. This term is absolutely killing me.

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