October 17, 2009

Something else to obsess over

Before my husband left for Boston (football game) I had it in my mind that we need a second car, and he happened to agree with me because he says he is happier when I am happy. We also agreed--because he loves me--that the new one would be mine. Isn't this what all good husbands do? I don't deserve him--truly I don't. So, the last thing he said to me was 'Do NOT buy a car while I am away.' I thought this would be easy, but I am slightly obsessive compulsive and when I get something in my head there really isn't anything--short of a Mack truck--that can stop me in my pursuits. I almost bought one yesterday. Close, very close.

I was good. I have two cars in mind that I want, one I almost put a deposit on because hubby said 'don't buy', he didn't say anything about a deposit, but I resisted. I owe him that much, in fact I owe him much more. VW and Volvo are two of my favorite cars but I will probably never be able to afford a Volvo and if I got the car I wanted my friends and husband will say I bought it because it was what Edward Cullen drove in Twilight. I will admit this is where I took a shine to the three door piece of heaven, but alas, too expensive. VWs aren't cheap either but I am willing to finance it over six years to get the car I want, because I will probably have it for the next ten years or longer.

Thanks to OCD, I have been feverishly circling the same websites over and over hoping that each time I price a Rabbit or a Golf the price might somehow drop to a more manageable payment, normal people would not waste their time but I am not normal, by any stretch. I should probably be studying and yet here I am compulsively surfing and blogging. I think I need medication.

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