October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving time! I am not festive--not really--and yet, having kids gives you very little choice in the matter. I took my little darlings out today to buy two large pumpkins (after showing them the car I want--still obsessing), one for each of my kids. The boy wanted the biggest, of course--he's a tad competitive. We also bought a carving kit that is quite frankly a little scary for toddlers, so I did most of the work with the aid of stencils. You can't imagine what they would like if I didn't.

My little girl kept trying to take the tools from me and I kept trying to reason with her as to why I couldn't. Her reply, 'You're killing me momma, you're killing me.' Not sure where she got that from, but it's certainly not from me.

In stead of lighting the veggies with candles, I opted for Chem. lights--if you are not acquainted with them you should definitely seek them out. They are everywhere on Naval Ships and we always have some lying around the house. They are FANTASTIC for pumpkins and I highly recommend them. They come in a few different colors but the color I have at home is like a neon red, very ominous, perfect for my little girl's snake face. The boy went for the traditional Jack-O-Lantern. I would post pictures of my child-guided efforts but my husband took our camera to Boston with him. Maybe tomorrow....

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