October 13, 2009

My Doctor's Fat Obsession

I escaped to Maine last weekend for an awesome weekend with some even more awesome friends. This was the first time I had been devoid of my family and my responsibilities as a parent and a wife, for almost five years. So needless to say, I was feeling pretty good about myself. And then I had another doctor's appointment today and she dropped kicked me in the ovaries. I swear she has some unresolved weight issues because we seem to spend a great deal of our time together discuss my 'fatness' and potential for disease.

I am a 32 year old woman who has never smoked, drinks wine only on occasion, runs for 25 min two-three times a week, I am five-eight, and mostly wear a size twelve (unless I'm in a high end store that likes to discourage fatties). I DO NOT think I am at great risk for a heart attack nor do I think that I am fat. I am beginning to think I have some sort of warped opinion in my head about my size because she certainly seems to think I am a fattie. She has now referred me to a nutritionist, even though I eat relatively healthy because if I cooked shit foods that would make me a bad mother too. So does she also think I am a bad mother?

Tell me something, aren't doctor's suppose to make you feel better and not worse?

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