October 14, 2009

The Dog Ate the Bear

My daughter has extremely sensitive skin. When she was one, we went on a hunt to find a 100% cotton stuffed animals and came up empty, but we did find a hypoallergenic bear in the Build a Bear store. This bear has become such an integral part of our family that he even finds his way into family portraits—all of them, actually. She loves him, sleeps with him, puts him on time-outs in the kitchen cupboards and feeds him and takes him to potty. Seeing as how my daughter cannot live without him, we decided to invest in a 'backup bear' for emergencies. Silly us for thinking we could fool a child. The 'backup bear' is an imposter who will never replace the original no matter how hard we try to push the substitute on her, because sometimes Bear needs a frickin wash and we she won't let the frickin thing out of her sight.

Today, my Bassett decided he wanted to make a meal out of the bear. When I discovered the crime scene, my daughter's bear had his ear hanging off and was covered in slobber (which makes my daughter's skin break out). So it's my daughter's bedtime, Bear is MIA and she is throwing a fit at my attempt to give her the imposter because the original is in the wash on 'quick wash'--it's not quick enough.

And then a breakthrough. This evening I cooked a back of thick-sliced bacon in preparation for the Boston Baked Beans that I intend on cooking tomorrow. My daughter seems to forget all about Bear if I feed her bacon. She loves food, particularly meat, what can I say.

So we did a short wash and dry and I have given her back the bear; she hasn't mentioned the ear though I know she noticed it—she notices everything. My intention is to sneak into her room in the middle of the night, grab the bear, stitch him up and put him back in bed before she wakes.

Oh, the life of a mom.......


  1. Oh my gawd. Alfie!!!! Good luck with the secret sewing.

  2. Aspiring Nurse and WriterOctober 15, 2009 at 12:57 PM

    The secret sewing did not occur. I fell asleep. This morning she informed that someone cut Bear's ear and she said it so matter of factly that I am thinking she might not mind so much. Maybe she thinks it gives him character, who knows. I was expecting fire to shoot from her mouth.