September 15, 2009

Why blog?

When I've applied myself, I have never failed at anything that I have ever attempted. This does not mean that I have been great at everything I've tried, it merely means that I have not failed. I have gone through life being average and adequate. I desperately want to be good at something and to believe that I am good at that something. Doesn't everyone want this?

My passion is writing, but loving something doesn't necessarily make you good at it. All the training and education in the world might make me a better writer but that doesn't mean I will ever be good enough to be published or write compelling enough material for someone to read my stories cover to cover.

This blog is an outlet for me to write anonymously until I have the courage to sign my name to my work. It is also an opportunity for others, like me, to share their insecurities and their pursuit for that something that excites them. When did you find your something? And what did you do with that knowledge? If you haven't found your something, what do you intend to do about it?

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