September 18, 2009

Website Counter

So, being insecure and desperately seeking acceptance and encouragement, I decided to add a counter to my website. Good or bad? I have had five hits. Only two members of my family and one friend know about my blog site, so that means there are two complete strangers out there who may or not be interested in what I have to say. Woohoo! It doesn't even matter if it is the former of the latter. How bad do I suck that I am excited over that? I have had a perma-smile all day.

My husband affectionately rolls his eyes over my excitement and says 'I'm happy that your happy', when what the bastard really means is 'my life is easier when you are happy'-I am admittedly not the easiest person to live with. To illustrate this fact, my father actually said in his speech at my wedding, 'she's yours now, and I don't want her back.' Teasing? I don't entirely think so. There is always a hint of truth to delivered jokes. But, I am sure he meant his "no refunds" comment with the utmost love. Yeah, right. We kind of have a love-hate relationship. Plus, he's British and British people tell it like it is, no bullshit. I both love and hate this about my parents.

On the writing front, I have yet to start my next book. Pathophysiology and pharmacology are kicking my ass with readings. Based on some valuable advice from authors-not first hand-I am going to start working on some character charts tomorrow. I did this with the novel that I finished this summer-only a first draft, I have never been published- and I really found it helped develop my characters much more than if I had not. It also gave me more material to work with while I was writing.

So until tomorrow......

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