September 28, 2009

Procrastinating Again

I completed my first clinical in June; I did not have to report for work with the military until almost the end of August and I had no idea what to do with the time in between. Ok, so I had a couple of ideas, but to be fair, I offered to get a part-time job since I was on leave without pay until my reporting date. Totally playing the martyr. To my absolute amazement, my husband, who I am completely undeserving of, said, "Why don't you take the summer off and write,” and that is exactly what I did—sort of. I quickly discovered that having oodles of time puts me in a creative funk. Why is it then when you are ready and able to write, you just can't seem to put pen to paper?

So here I am, knee deep in pathophysiology (I have a test Wednesday), worried about my breast ultrasound (tomorrow) and the characters that I have flushed out for my new book will not shut the hell up. I would bitch slap them if I could, I mean, couldn't they pick a more appropriate time to walk through scenes in my head. Seriously. When I get on an idea there is nothing that will silence the voices in my head. It almost makes me feel psychotic. Do all writers feel this way?

It’s not that patho isn’t interesting, because it kind of is, especially the intentional and unintentional injuries section. I keep thinking ‘CSI’ while I am reading it. There are various pictures of stab wounds, fractures, contusions and lacerations, etc, as well as gun shot wounds and the defining characteristics of close and long range entrance wounds and exit wounds. Very interesting. It kind of makes me wish I was knowledgeable enough to attempt a novel of the crime/mystery genre, but thus far I have stuck with fantasy and the paranormal.

Clearly I am procrastinating, and it must end. I have an early morning and several chapters more to read and study, so until next time…….

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