September 21, 2009

My Stupid Creative Inconsistencies

My creativity is so inconsistent. There are days, weeks even, when I get nothing. And then there are days that my mind is busier than a liquor store on New Year's Eve, and these thoughts don't adhere to normal working hours. For example, I was awoken at 0330 this morning to a slew of great ideas for my new book. 0330 IN THE FREAKIN MORNING. There are those that would get out of bed and diligently write down these blessed ideas before they drift away into Never Neverland. Alas, I have a three year-old girl and a four-year old boy and have been sleep deprived for going on four and a half freakin years. So, did I get out of bed? Hell no. Instead, I said over and over to myself, Commit to memory, Commit to memory, and then rolled my ass over and went back to sleep before feeling a pair of eyes on me at 0530. My daughter doesn't wake me up. All three and half menacing feet of her just stands silently at my bedside, staring at me through the darkness until I open my eyes to discover her silhouette. It's kind of creepy. Cute, but creepy.

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