September 16, 2009

Field Trip

Today was a good day. I discovered that my previous career as an NCM (non-commissioned member) in the Naval Reserves is sufficient enough for me to bypass my Basic Military Officer Qualification. Read "Basic Training". Been there, done that and bought the t-shirt--literally. It was mentally and physically exhausting in my twenties and I can only imagine how much harder it would have been in my thirties. Bullet averted.

At present, the military employs me to be a student. I will owe them four years of service upon graduation. I am in my second week of my second year of nursing school. Fortunately, because I have a previous degree, I only need to take three courses this term which leaves me ample time to read, write and spend some quality time with the kids. Tomorrow I am planning on taking a drive up to Peggy's Cove as research for a new book I have been on the edge of writing. My husband is out buying a new camera as I write so that I can take pictures of my expedition. Our old one kind of dissects photos so that the bottom and top halves don't match up. They look photoshopped.

I am hoping that my travels down the south shore tomorrow will be fruitful and help me find the perfect setting for my novel. I will be sure to share pictures if I can figure out how to upload them. This blogging thing is rather new to me.

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