October 29, 2016

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When I fell in love with Ivy Carter, I fell hard. She had a grip on my heart, and she refused to let go. After I committed a brutal assault, I pushed her away so she could have a life without me, but I’ve ached for her ever since. I assumed in a few months she’d move on, go off to school, and find some guy that actually deserves her. But that’s not what she did. She pushed back. And the more she pushed, the more I wanted to give in. I didn’t, though. I can be a mean SOB when I want to be.

It’s six years later now, and I’m out. I just want to see her so I know she’s okay, but one look at her angelic face through the window of where she works and I’m seventeen again, ready to do what it takes to put a smile on her face. I want to go straight and be the man she deserves, but when her brother steals from my criminal uncle, I have no choice but to make a deal with him. I might as well sell my soul; the devil is kinder.

Coming December 27!
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April 18, 2016

Sneak Peek: Unedited Chapter One from unForgivable

In case you can't wait for the next novel in the inCapable series... I thought I would give a peek at the first chapter from unForgivable. Don't forget this is the unedited version and subject to changes. This novel picks up a few chapters before the last novel ended. 

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March 07, 2016

unForgivable Giveaway and Preorder

I am so excited to announce the upcoming release of Book 2 in the inCapable World series. This novel, entitled unForgivable, will follow Beth and a new hero (a former marine), with guest appearances from some of the other characters in Book I. It can be read as a standalone but I do recommend reading Book I first. Below you'll find the Goodreads giveaway for this novel (although it doesn't start for another 7 days). You'll find the preorder links below as well.


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October 28, 2015

The Last Shot Teaser

25 days to go until The Last Shot releases! I'm so excited to share this one. Here's another tidbit for those of you who are just as excited!

I want to defend Ethan, because Charlie's on the outside looking in and I don't like him thinking that Ethan is...whatever he thinks Ethan is. He can't know how Ethan helped pull me from the darkness that consumed me when I first came to this town. He made me smile, for the first time after my mom abandoned me. He spent all of his time just being there for me, loving me, making me feel like I mattered. On the outside and to the press he might look like a jackass but I know better. They only see the self-destructive Ethan. They don’t get to see the side I see, the side he seems to save just for me. 

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September 25, 2015

Goodreads Giveaway

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The Last Shot by Sara Hubbard

The Last Shot

by Sara Hubbard

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September 17, 2015

The Last Shot- Unedited Teaser

How about a teaser from The Last Shot? Be kind. It hasn't been edited yet...

My hearing has always been remarkable and I wish that weren’t true when I hear the dipshit on the other end of her cell phone tell the girl who owns my heart that he loves her. The only thing that stops me from losing my mind is that she doesn’t say it back. Unfortunately, I don’t know if she refrains because of me or because she doesn’t love him back. She’d never say it if she didn’t mean. Fuck, she could barely say it to me when she loved me—and I know she loved me. If she felt one ounce of what I felt for her all those years, she loved me, even if she didn’t believe in love. I made it my mission to prove to her it not only existed but she was worthy of it.

She dips her eyes as she tucks her phone back into her purse. Her cheeks blush to accompany her obvious embarrassment. I try to read her face. Does she? Doesn’t she? It’s enough to drive me mad.

“What’s his name?”

Looking sheepish, she folds and unfolds her paper napkin. “Charlie.”

“And what does Charlie do?”

“He’s a doctor.”
“Of course he is.”

Frowning, she leans back in her seat and folds her arms over her chest. “What does that mean?”


“Just say what you want to say, Ethan,” she says with a frustrated sigh.

“Fine. Let’s see if I’m off the mark here. He’s a nice guy with a great job that more than pays the bills. He comes from a great family. They have a summer home and you and this ass clown go and spend time there in the summers. Sound about right?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t I?” I chuckle, but there’s no humor to it. “Before you were mine, you dated these guys that were so fucking boring. They were the kind of guys that looked fantastic on paper but there was never anything to them. They didn’t get you hot.”

She clucks her tongue at me.

“No chemistry. No intensity. Nothing. Just a nice guy who was safe. And you’ve always loved safe which is why you never gave me a chance until just after I got my first contract. Then I was safe because I was leaving.”

“Sometimes I really hate you,” she says.

“Because I’m right.”

“Because you’re a smug asshole. Charlie is a great guy and we have great chemistry.”

“Well, that’s great. I’m happy you’re happy. Make sure you invite me to the wedding.”

She picks up her fork. “I could stab you right now.”

“Then you’ll have two Michaels to look after in hospital. I like my water lukewarm.”

“Luke warm? What are you talking about?”

“For my sponge bath.”

“Ugh. You and your brother are two peas in a pod.”

“Did he ask you for a sponge bath?”

She frowns at me.

“That little shit. Wait until he wakes up.”

“Stop. He was just teasing me, like you always do.”

“I’m not teasing, Annie.”

I watch her swallow as she stares at me. Yeah. I mean it, baby. And now I’m not just thinking about her rubbing me down, I’m thinking about a whole lot more.