June 16, 2018

The Goon (uncorrected first 25 pages)

Chapter One

As I stand in front of the judge, waiting for her to sentence me, perspiration covers my body. I’ll be the first to admit I sometimes act impulsively and do stupid things. I’m well known for it. But I’ve never done anything criminal. Not until two months ago. Now, I have to face the music. 
I was in love with a guy who I thought loved me back. I was sure of it, even when I decided to pay him a surprise visit last September. He was feeling sick and planned on spending the night alone in bed. I thought I’d bring him some chicken soup from the store because, well, I can’t boil water. I made a mistake. I used the spare key when he didn’t answer because stupid me thought he might be asleep. Nope. He was stuffing another girl’s vagina with his cock like it was a Thanksgiving turkey. 
Something inside of me snapped that night.
I suppose I could have pleaded temporary insanity in court. The judge might have believed me—she may have even sympathized with me. But I didn’t do that. I would have, had there not been a curve ball to my crime. Instead of smashing my exes boyfriend with a baseball bat I beat up an identical car in the parking lot of his condo building. How the hell could I have known there were two blue Mustangs there with the same yellow racing stripe down the hood? 

May 08, 2018

The Goon- Cut Scene

So I cut a lot of words from The Goon. A tremendous amount, really. I thought I'd share some with you. This one didn't work for several reasons. One, it add too much to the beginning when the story needed my hero and heroine to come together before the fifth chapter. Lol. So...enjoy! The story has changed slightly. She doesn't bite the cop in the final story...her crime is something different entirely. But I guess you'll have to read the book to find out :-)

Deleted Scene from The Goon. Copyright 2018.

I lay on a hard surface with an arm slung over my face to block out the bright florescent lighting. My stomach rolls and I clutch it with my other hand. What the hell happened last night? But then I remember and the pain of my boyfriend’s betrayal sours me more than that awful tasting alcohol. 
I remove my arm and stare up at the stark mostly white ceiling with specks of dirt and yellow stains—from what I couldn’t say and I don’t want to guess. Realization hits me hard when I turn my head to the side and see the metal bars locking me in a large cell with no fewer than four other women. 
I’m in jail. What? I’m in jail? I spring to a sitting position and almost lose everything in my stomach. Bile crawls up my throat and I swallow it down as I lurch forward and sprint to the cells. With my hands gripping the cool steel I yell, “Hello! Hello! Please! Anyone!”
“They won’t come unless someone’s bleeding.”
I consider that, but then, I’m not that desperate and blood makes me vomit. I don’t need anymore incentive to start cover the floors with what’s left in my stomach. “I don’t understand. I can’t remember a damn thing.”
A lady with milky white skin grins a me with one of her front teeth missing. She’s wearing a corset made of red leather and a black miniskirt. Her long hair is neatly braided and tied back into a bun. If it wasn’t for her missing front tooth I’d call her attractive, but it’s hard to see past it. 
“What happened to your tooth?” I say before I can stop myself. 
“Johnny. Mother fucker. He said he’d never hit me but when I took a baseball bat to his back, I guess all bets were off.”
This lady took a baseball bat to a guy’s back? I rattle the bars. “I need help! Hey!!!!” 
The girl laughs. The other girls scattered on benches around the room continue sleeping, one snores louder than a bear and rolls over. Drool drips from the corner of her mouth. 
“Don’t worry, twiggy. I ain’t going to hurt you. And from what I saw last night, you might give me a run for my money.”
I stop rattling the bars. “What…what do you mean?” 
“You came in hooting and hollering at three o’clock this morning. Asking the cops if they ‘want some’? You were going to fight a cop? I mean, I’d love to do it, but in here? You’re in their world. You know what I mean?”
“I was trying to fight a cop?” Oh dear God. What did I do? I slowly release my hold on the metal and walk to the nearest bench. Slowly, I lower myself into the seat and my head hurts as I try to remember. I was at Brad’s sister’s place. The bastard was cheating on me. Choked up, I move past the memory. Then what? I grabbed the alcohol and started walking. I went to a bar…one I hadn’t been to before. Along the highway. And then…and then nothing. I hold the side of my head as it pound and feels as if it might splinter. 
“Can’t hold your drink, huh? When you see the judge just tell him you’re an alcholic and they’ll make you take some courses.”
The judge? Oh, God. I’m going to cry. 
“My mom used to say liquor’s the devil. Makes people do all kinds of stupid stuff.”
“I’m not an alcoholic.”
“I ain’t judging.”
“I’m not,” I say firmly.
She holds up her hands and leans back abasing the dirty white wall. 
A door opens and slams shut. I spin around and watch a man in uniform approach. He holds a ring of keys in his hand. He looks tired and the wrinkles in his forehead doesn’t help him any. The hair on his head is more silver than black. 
He stops by the door and props his hands on his hips. 
“When am I getting out of here?” the girl says.
“Not for a few hours at least.”
“And me?” I say, standing. 
He glares at me like my dad does when he catches me doing something stupid. All judgey-like. “Oh, she’s sober. Well, look at that.”
“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. For whatever I did. I’m not this person.” I point to my chest. “This isn’t me.”
“Well, this is you. And if you can’t hold your liquor then I suggest you stop drinking.”
“I don’t even drink that much.”
“Mmhmm,” says the girl behind me. 
I glance at her and then back to the cop. “I don’t even know why I’m here.”
“Oh. You don’t remember telling me to ‘eat a dick’ last night after turning over a garbage bin in the park?”
I cringe and shake my head.
“You calmed down for a minute after I told you I was going to arrest you. Then you asked me my name and after I told you, you told me to ‘suck it’. To which I responded with restraining you. You then bit me.” He holds up his hand and there is a hint of teeth marks in a gentle curve along the side of his hand.
“I didn’t,” I say with a gasp.
“Yeah, you did. That’s assault on an officer.”
I lower myself to my seat. That’s bad. Like, worse than bad. I could go to jail and do some serious time fro that. “I didn’t know what I was doing. I don’t remember a thing.”
“Uh huh.”
“I don’t understand what I would say all that to you. It’s just not like me.”
The door opens and another cop peeks his head. “Brad, they’re ready for Hanes.”
Brad? I slump and heave a long sigh. Now I understand. His name is Brad, like my cheating ex boyfriend. It must have triggered my anger. I want to blame Brad for all of this. Truth is if he hadn’t cheated I wouldn’t be here right now. I wouldn’t have grabbed the bottle of alcohol and went to a bar and got drunk off my ass. I wouldn’t have bit the cop. But I know this is all on me. 
“Please. There must be something you can do? Anything! I swear I’ll do anything.”
“Put your hands through the hold please.”
I pad forward in my sock feet. Tears spring to my eyes when I think of missing out on the best years of my life. Of never getting a job because of what I’d have to admit to in an interview. I’m not a kid anymore. At twenty-one this is going to follow me forever. 
With my hands closed, I slide them through the hold and he slaps the cuffs on me nice and tight. They bite into my wrists almost immediately. I guess I deserve it. I did bite him. 
“Take a step back.” He opens the door and gestures with a finger for me to come forward. I follow his directions, keeping my head down. 
“Don’t I get my phone call?”
“Right now you have court. After that you call whoever you want.”
He grips my elbow and walks alongside of me as we head for the door. After looking up at the camera above the door, it magically opens and we walk through. Only when we’re on the other side does he continue talking to me.
“YOu meant what you said? You’d do anything to get out of this?” he say, his voice low.
I’m about to nod but suspicion stops me. “I’m not going to have sex with you, if that’s what you’re proposing. I might have hit rock bottom but that’s taking it to a whole new level.”
He eyes me and stops, making me stop with him. 
“I’m not sure what to be more offended by, the fact that you think I’d propositioning you for sex of that you think having sex with me is worse than your current situation.”
“Oh. I’m sorry. It just came out pervy.”
He rolls his eyes. “I sure hope you’re a diamond in the rough. Because I spent hours in the emergency room last night just to get a tetanus shot.”
“I’m so sorry.”
“Shut up and listen. You go in front of the judge, you agree to classes for addiction and you volunteer community service. I have a project I could use some help with. But I need someone willing and someone who’ll show up when they’re supposed to and on-time, ready to work. You agreed to hat and I’ll testify on your behalf.”
“Oh, really? You’d do that?”
He shrugs. “I’ve taken a chance on people less deserving than you. And trust me when I say, you haven’t endeared yourself to me a whole lot in the last twelve hours.”
I want to ask if my father had something to do with this. I got picked up for drinking as a kid and once I got picked up for breaking into my school. Dad made those go away. Does he know about this? But I don’t care why as long as I don’t go to jail. 
“You won’t regret this,” I say, my voice high-pitched and desperate. “I swear.”
“Mmhm. You know how many times I hear that?”
“I’ll prove it.”
“We’ll see. Now, tell me, how are you on skates?”
Skates? What the fuck? I can barely put one foot in front of the other. I took power skating when I was five and after a full year of lessons I still had to pad my ass because I fell so damn much. 
“I’m an angel on skates,” I lie. Then I take the lie a step further. “Everyone says so.” If I weren’t in handcuffs I’d be slapping my face with my open palm. 
“Well, Emily, I guess today is your lucky day.”
“I’m in handcuffs and am facing a long time in jail…so today isn’t really my lucky day, sir.”
He nods. “You flashed a homeless guy who told you he’d marry you when you got out of jail. You were making out with him as I dragged you away.”

“Please stop talking,” I say quietly as he starts to walk again and I hobble along faithfully beside him. 

April 19, 2018

Final Cover Reveal and Preorder- The Goon

I'm so excited to share the final cover for The Goon. Designed by the amazing Anna at Cover Couture with cover photo by Lindee Robinson (models Travis Robert Bendall-Model and Brooke Shevela). It's a standalone novel with an HEA, using secondary characters from the first book in the series, Pucker Up. 

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April 03, 2018

Cover Reveal and Preorder

Did you enjoy Tainted Blood? Good news. The preorder for the sequel is available at select retailers! More will become available closer to the date. Although the release date is September, I am shooting for a much earlier release. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter to get a release notice. I never spam and I only put out maybe three or four a year.

Here is the cover for Flesh and Blood, designed by Cover Couture! I love this so much and I hope you feel the same.

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February 22, 2018

Tainted Blood Giveaway

I'm giving away 10 copies of Tainted Blood (Blood Hunter #1) on Goodreads. You can enter to win a copy below! Good luck.

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Tainted Blood by Sara Hubbard

Tainted Blood

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January 15, 2018

Tainted Blood Preorder

When I began writing with the hope of being published, I only wrote paranormal novels. As time went on, I started writing contemporaries instead and sort of abandoned the supernatural. I still don't know why. But then last year proved to be one of the most difficult of my life and I found it very difficult to continue writing. From my mom's sudden diagnosis and death and my son's tumor and everything in between I was d.o.n.e.  Writing contemporaries became a chore and I lost my muse. When this happens it's a good idea to change things up so I began writing an urban fantasy novel and the thing practically wrote itself. While I won't stop writing contemporaries completely, I'm going to try very hard to finish this series while sprinkling in some contemporary novels in between. The first book in my new series is called Tainted Blood and it will release in March. It's about a normal book store owner who's life becomes surprisingly fantastical when she's bitten by a vampire who promptly dies. I really hope you give it a try. Happy reading :-)

Here is the full blurb:

Sometimes destiny punches you in the face...
Or takes a big gulp from your jugular.
Bookstore owner Lucy only experiences fantasies and supernaturals through the books she reads until she comes face to face with a vampire who bites her and then drops dead.
Upon hearing about her toxic blood, two vampire brothers kidnap Lucy and force her to agree to help them kill their original master in exchange for her life and the life of her sister. But the longer she stays in their company, the more she realizes she was living a life she was never meant to and she needs to embrace her new normal. Even if giving in to her destiny will cost her hundreds of supernatural enemies who threaten to send her to an early grave. 

Preorder links:

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